Object Title

Flintlock military pistol - New Land Pattern Dragoon Type B

Flintlock military pistol - New Land Pattern Dragoon Type B



Object Number



Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Lock 5.37 in, flat, no border engraving, engraved tail, crown/GR, TOWER marked on tail, crown/arrow mark below pan, ring neck flat cock, top jaw and screw missing teardrop point to frizzen spring, foreward curl to tip of frizzen, rainproof pan.
Stock complete, bruised, pattern brass furniture, brass forend cap, brass trigger guard with bead front, brass butt cap with short ears, stepped with steel screw. No pipes. Brass side plate with two steel screws, single barrel fixing key.
Barrel 9 in, proof and view marks on left side at rear of barrel, crown mark on top of barrel (faint) crown/44 on right side of barrel over pan, captive ramrod stamped with a crown, searated and slotted screw to ramrod stirrup


OverallLength15.25 in
BarrelLength9 in


Serial Number None visible


.65 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Crown/arrow/1805 stamp on right of stock behind lock, crown/2 twice alongside trigger guard on right side, on left side of stock :- broad arrow/BO, arrow within a circle/1827 /inverted arrow, XX, 33, IC, engraved on trigger guard:- 26//3


Places Britain