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Percussion muzzle-loading cavalry carbine - Victoria Pattern

Percussion muzzle-loading cavalry carbine - Victoria Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

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The lock is standard pattern 1842 design engraved on the tail crowned VR and ahead of the cock 1854 over TOWER and with incised line decoration.
Stocked to 5/8ths in of the muzzle, the barrel retained by two pins. Swivel ramrod with nearly vertical swivels, slightly domed wide rounded head. Brass fore-end cap. Two rod pipes the upper one long trumpet, lower one barrel shaped. Brunswick Rifle-pattern scroll trigger guard. P 53 Pattern buttplate stamped 318 at the base of the tang. Sling bar on the left side 5 1/8th in length held at front by screw from right side of stock with small side cup, and at rear by screw entering from inside the lock cavity. Underside of the butt stamped W.L.SARGENT.Butt stamped with 1VCR broad arrow and BO. Blued barrel with breech marked crowned arrow,browned B9 crowned TP and arrow crowned B23. Brunswick pattern blade foresight no backsight.




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.73 in


Places Britain


This was amongst the very last production of the Victoria Carbine. It differs from the earlier type in having pins rather than slides to secure the barrel, in lacking a backsight and in not having the guard bow drilled for a small loop, possibly intended to hold a snap cap chain. See XII 3131 for earlier exmple dated 1845. Formerly XXIV 200