Object Title

Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS 89 (1989)

Physical Description

It has a high hemispherical skull with abroad integral brim narrowing and turned down slightly at either side. The main edge has a plain inward turn with a sunken border containing twenty three round headed rivets, of which thirteen are lining rivets with square or rectangular washers, and the remainder, alternating with the last, are decorative. The base of the skull is encircled by two rows of sixteen round headed rivets, divided by a single incised line, of which the lower third and fourth at the left, and third and fifth at the right, from the rear, have square washers for the missing leathers of thje missing cheekpieces. Above these, and around the comb, are pairs of incised lines. The front upper left rivet retains the arm of the missing plume holder. It is painted black. There is a large punched suspension hole at the rear. The main edge is corroded at the mid right, in front of which it is mangled upwards.


Dimensions: Overall Width: 26.6 cm ( 10.5 in), Overall depth: 38.7 cm ( 15.2 in), Skull width: 17.5 cm ( 7.0 in), Skull depth: 22.7 cm ( 9.0 in), Weight: 1.32 kg ( 2 lb 14.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck at the mid-right of the sunken border with an obscure crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II. Inside in chalk and on ink on a round sticky label, numbered 2108.


Places England