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Sword and Scabbard

Sword and Scabbard



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Purchased 1952. From the Hearst Collection. The same or a very similar sword was sold at Galerie Fischer (Luzern), 3 September 1935, Lot 3, from the Jagdkammer des Reichsgraffen R. von Kauntz (see illustration in the catalogue)

Physical Description

The hilt is in the Saxon style of c.1530. The blade is c.1630 and the scabbard mid-sixteenth century. Steel hilt, consisting of ovid pommel, straight quillons of square section, the left bent at right angles near the end, U-shaped ring guard, single pas d'ane and counter guard. The pommel and the guard are file-chequered. The grip tapers towards its extremities and like the pommel is enriched with silver-gilt bands. The associated blade is two edged, etched at the forte with floral patterns and stamped with a mark. An inscription in the three fullers on each face has been erased.
The scabbard is of black leather over wood with a silver gilt locket and ring chap. At the mouth is a nest for five knives or implements now missing and the nest is wrapped by an interlace of plaited thongs.


Dimensions: Sword; Overall length: 47 in., Blade length: 37.8 in., Scabbard; Overall length: 38.3 in. Weight: Sword: 2 lb. 2 oz., Scabbard: 5 oz.


Places Germany