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Bowyer Tower, AS 75 1989

Physical Description

It has a two piece skull with an integral peak and seperate neckguard. The skull is hemispherical, the pieces joined in a low, medial comb, turned to the right and terminating well above the base at the rear, and riveted at the rear and on the peak. The low edge of the skull at either side has a partial inward turn, above which is a pair of round headed rivets with square internal washers retaining fragments of leathers for the missing cheekpieces. The peak is slightly turned down, with bold rounded sides and an obtuse medial point. The main edge has a plain, inward turn with a sunken border once containing nine decorative round headed rivets, of which the central and far left ones are missing. At the rear of the peak is a rectangular slot for the missing nasal. Above this, on the skull, is a staple, pierced and threaded and fitted with a winged bolt at the centre, and attached by two round headed rivets with internal washers which also acts as lining rivets. Above the peak, at either side, is a flush lining rivet. The neckguard is made in one piece, embossed to simulate four lames and flaring to the neck with rounded corners and a medial point. It is attached by a rivet at either side, which also retains part of the canvas lining band between the neckguard and skull. Its main edge has a plain, inward turn with a sunken border containing nine round headed lining rivets with squarish internal washers. The upper edges of the simulated lames are bordered by single incised lines. A vertical row of decorative rivets, with an upward pointing triangle of three at the base, runs down the centre. At the rear of the skull is a rivet and a rivet hole for, and a fragment of an arm of, the largely missing plume holder. It is painted black. There is a pierced suspension hole at the point of the neckguard. The winged screw is bent, and there is a crack at the base of the peak at the right.


Dimensions: Skull height: 15.7 cm (6.1 in), Skull width: 19.5 cm ( 7.7 in), Skull depth: 23.3 cm (9.3 in), Overall depth: 39.6 cm ( 15.6 in), Weight: 1.580 kg ( 3 lb 7.75 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck at the left of the peak with an illegible mark, possibly a crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II.


Places Netherlands