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Bowyer Tower, AS 75 1989

Physical Description

It has a two piece skull with a wide integral peak and a seperate neckguard. Its skull is of hemispherical form with a plain main edge. The two halves of the skull are joined in a low, medial comb turned to the left and terminate a little above the lower edge where they are riveted on the inside rear and inside front of the peak. The lower edge of the front of the skull is encircled by twelve lining rivets of which three at each side have square internal washers including the central two which retain fragments of the canvas lining band and were also for the attachment of the missing staple which retained the missing nasal bar. At either side of the skull is a single rivet with a square internal washer retaining fragments of the connecting leathers for the missing cheekpieces. The main edge of the narrow peak has a plain inward turn. Towards the rear of the centre is a rectangular hole for the missing nasal bar. A wide one piece neckguard, embossed to simulate four lames is attached to the skull by a rivet at either side with a square internal washer. It flares out slightly to its obtusely pointed end. Its main edge has a plain inward turn accompanied by a recessed border containing nine lining rivets with square internal washers. At either side of the neckguard is a column of four decorative rivets and two columns of four rivets at the centre terminating with one at the base. It is lacquered green overall. There is a small suspension hole at the centre front of the neckguard and peak. At the rear of the skull are four very small corrosion holes.


Dimensions: Skull width: 19.8 cm ( 7.9 in), Skull depth: 23.5 cm ( 9.1 in), Overall depth: 35.5 cm (13.9 in) Weight: 0.950 kg ( 2 lb 1.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

At the left of the peak is a deeply struck mark, probably the crowned IR cypher of James II.


Places Netherlands