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Percussion muzzle-loading rifle

Percussion muzzle-loading rifle



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Formerly IWM No.19,876 (When temporarily stored from about 1927 to 1938, a possible transfer was being considered under the Cottesloe Committee criteria.). Formerly in the museum of artillery collection, the Rotunda. 1874 cat No.1255. 1856 cat No.VII/65. Transferred via the Cottesloe committee, 1927

Physical Description

The lock has a quite unmarked lockplate which has a rounded tail and is fitted flush with the stock, retained by a single sidenail. The hammer is flat and swept well forward, with a well-curved spur and a fish mouth shaped nose. The lock is of rather poor quality manufacture.
Full-length stock of unusual shape, having a very short small which is sharply downswept, and a heavy butt. The fore-end cap is missing, the fore-end having an iron ramrod retained by a plain tubular iron forward pipe and tailpipe. The plain iron triggerguard has a large bow shaped with three finger notches. The trigger is not of any special type. The sidenail washer is a plain iron plate resembling a pair of upswept horns. The heavy butt has a cheekrest on both sides. Unerneath it are the remains of a leather sling. The curved buttplate is of rectangular section iron approximately 1/2 ins thick.
Plain iron octagonal barrel, of rather poor quality, with gently swamped forward end. The breech block is fitted with a faceted nipple seat of drum type. Behind the tang screw hole is a smaller threaded hole. The backsight is a single open notch on a small long bead on a cross-slide. The bore has septagonal rifling. The barrel is attached to the stock by two pins.
Before cleaning the right side of the butt had a painted number 7 over 65 (Rotunda Woolwich inventory number). The top of the small had the 7 over 65 repeated, over which had been nailed a small plastic plaque with the number 876. Tied to the triggerguard was a paper label, reading; 'Removed from Class XXIV. BRICK TOWER, Formerly XXIV.446. Dec.1949'.
The 1906 Catalogue of the Rotunda describes this piece as a 'Hungarian hunting rifle, mid 18th century with flintlock altered to percussion'


BarrelLength25.67 mm
BarrelLength652 mm
OverallLength980 mm
OverallWeight3.49 kg


Serial Number None visible


0.62 in



Removed from the Bowyer Tower Store November 1977.