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Percussion gun - By Joseph Manton

Percussion gun - By Joseph Manton



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From the collection of Dr. Richard Williams. Acquired 1974. The Williams catalogue states that a gun qnswering this description was obtained by exchange from Ludlow Museum.

Physical Description

Flat lock plate attached to stock by one screw, engraved with foliate scrolls and JOSEPH MANTON, PATENT. Rear portion of tube holder pivots to rear against action of leaf spring for insertion of tube. Spring equipped with roller. Flat cock is a blunt chisel which passes through a rectangulat hole in the rear part of the tube holder to act upon the tube.
Wooden half-stock with horn fore-end. Barrel attched by two slides set in oval mounts of white metal. Chequered small. Butt plate of blued steel, the tang engraved with scrolls and a trophy. Blued trigger guard decorated en suite, the forward tang ending in an urn finial, the rear tang stamped with the number 1868. Ramrod reinforced at either end with brass and retained by one tailpipe on the stock and two pipes integral with the barrel. Brass ramrod tip unscrews to reveal a worm.
Browned twist barrel octagonal at breech changing to sixteen sided 4 in. from a moulding after which it is round to muzzle. Manton's patent break off breech bright decorated with lateral inset line of platinum and stamped on the top flat with Manton's stamp. Paltinum lined touch hole. Stepped barrel tang engraved with foliate scrolls. Bead foresight at muzzle


OverallLength1162 mm
BarrelLength762 mm


Serial Number None visible


13 bore


Places England


Joseph Manton's patent 3.8.1818/4285 covers the tube lock mechanism. The patent breech is the same as that used for Manton's earlier flintlocks and was covered by Patents 18.4.1792/1865 and 30.4.1812/3558.