Object Title

Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



Object Number



Transferred from the Royal united Services Institution, no. 2508, 1963.

Physical Description

The stock is of dark wood with the butt angled downward with a rounded end. The upper and lower edges are grooved. One either side are simple bone inlays of dots, panels and flowers in geometric patters, similar flower shaped inlays run along the underside. Behind the breech the wood curved down to the butt and on either side is an inlaid ivory disc and the pointed star shaped washers of the mechanism pins. An iron strap with shaped and punched ends is wrapped around the breech and nailed to the stock. The trigger is formed of confronted peacocks. The barrel has a high backsight with angled extensions on either side. The barrel itself is octagonal going to round with a small simple inlaid region and a small moulded muzzle. There are two wire bindings and an iron ramrod,


Dimensions: overall length 1995 mm, barrel length 1620 mm Weight: 3350 g


16 mm (0.6in)

Inscriptions and Marks




Guns with rounded butts like this appear to be from Curg.