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Percussion sporting gun - By Mayer

Percussion sporting gun - By Mayer



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich (1874 No.1044, Class VI.180)

Physical Description

The lock is an expert conversion from flint ignition, the plugged holes not being apparent, but the pitting and re-engraving making it reasonably obvious. The plate is flat, stepped down at the tail with a pronounced point. There is a rotating magazine surrounding the cylindrical drum which is screwed into the vent in the barrel. The cock resembles the early Forsyth type, and is in the form of a plain pin with a screw head on top. The nose is engraved around the bottom of the magazine and drum, 'Mayer in Wien' in script. The body of the cock has a serpent with forked tongue in imitation of contemporary English engraving.
When the cock is brought back the magazine rotates to the rear and into a vertical position when the cock is at full-cock. When the cock is released the magazine rotates forward as the cock falls and the instant the nose strikes, and pan is exposed to it through a hole in the bottom of the magazine body. The magazine probably contained pills as opposed to loose fulminate.
The barrel and stock have been shortened, and the stock is now half-length, with no fore-end cap, and extends to just forward of the octagonal section of the barrel. A copper ramrod pipe has been soldered directly to the underside of the barrel. Sling loop through fore-end, button on underside of butt. Unengraved brass furniture, most of the trigger guard broken away and missing. Basket-weave-chequered small only, with large ornate-bordered brass escutcheon screwed into top of small. Cheekrest on left side of butt.
Half-octagon barrel with baluster turning. Two brass poincons on top of barrel just at tang, upper one reads MAYER IN WIEN under a coronet, and the lower one shows a rampant lion. No sights


BarrelLength32.48 inches
BarrelLength825 mm
OverallLength1198 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.68 in

Inscriptions and Marks

MA 1045



It would be worth investigating whether Mayer ever patented this copy of the Forsyth system in Austria.