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Bowyer Tower, AS 75 1989

Physical Description

It has a two piece skull with an integral peak and a seperate neckguard. The skull is hemispherical, the pieces joined in a low comb, turned to the left, and riveted at the base and on the peak. The rear of the peak and the front of the neckguard almost meet. The peak is shallow, with rounded sides and a medial point. The main edge had a plain, inward turn. At the rear of the peak is a crude rectangular slot for the missing nasal, there is no evidence of a nasal staple. The base of the skull, at the sides and the front, is bordered by fifteen rivets plus a rivet hole. Each rear one secures the neckguard, and also, at the right, retains a fragment of cheekpiece leather with an hexagonal washer. The second, at either side, higher than the others, is missing at the left and retains the cheekpiece leather at the right. The third at either side is decorative, and the fourth for the front leather of the cheekpiece. The remainder comprise four lining rivets, with square washers retaining a substantial portion of lining band, alternating with decorative rivets, all the latter have smaller, round heads. The neckguard is of the pointed type with smooth curving sides. It is embossed to simulate four lames. The main edge has a plain inward turn with very erratic washers. It is decorated with a vertical line of rivets at either side, of which the second from top is missing on the left, and a central double row of rivets terminating in a downward pointing triangle of three at the base. No plume holder was fitted. It is painted black. The point of the neckguard is dented, as are both sides of the skull at the front. The point of the peak is pierced with a cracked through suspension hole, and large portions of the edge are missing: it is quite seriosly battered.


Dimensions: Skull Height: 16.5 cm (6.5 in), Skull width: 19.8 cm ( 7.9 in), Skull depth: 22.4 cm ( 8.9 in), Overall depth: 35.7 cm (14.1 in) Weight: 1.086 kg ( 2 lb 6.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck at the left of the peak with an obscure crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II.


Places Netherlands