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Percussion muzzle-loading rifle

Percussion muzzle-loading rifle



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The lock is converted from flintlock. The plate is rounded with a pronounced point at the rear, and the pan has been removed leaving a circular cavity to support the nipple seat which fits inside it. A flat cap-holding arm is pivoted in the former steel screw hole, and this is connected with a long arm running back alongside the trigger guard and trigger, to a slot through the grip of the guard. A spring is fastened through the rear of the guard which holds this arm in place, and when the piece is to be fired the fingers holding the grip force the brass knob back which pulls the arm off the cap allowing the cock to strike it.
The cock is basically flat, the upper part being formed in two pieces joined as front and rear sections, pivoted near the centre of the body, and held together at the top by a wing-nut and screw. The rear portion of the rear section is formed as a curled-down thumbpiece. Inside the enlarged head of the cock is a circular cavity, in the centre of which is a small piece having a cup in one end and a tit or point at the other, the general shape being that of an L. This piece has 'trunnions' at the angle of the L, and it may be positioned in the head so that the nipple is struck with either the point, or by the cup, presumably for igniting a pill in the former position, or a common cap in the latter position.
There is an arched strap fastened to the lockplate by screws, with a spring activated stud sticking upwards at about the apex of the arch. This rides in a hollow section of the cock immediately below the cavity in the head, and the stud comes in contact with the striker piece which is pivoted inside the cavity. But what its function is has not been determined. It may operate some sort of tape primer mechanism.
Stocked to 15/16 in. of muzzle, fore-end cap missing. Barrel retained by three pins. Three barrel-shaped brass pipes, scroll trigger guard and brass buttplate, all with long tapering asymmetrical rococo scrolls and shell work around borders. The ramrod chanel, tailpipe area, barrel tang, comb and each end of cheekrest on left side of butt carved with scrolls etc. Brass sideplate of rococo pattern. Curled trigger.
Half-octagonal barrel with baluster turning at changeover. No external markings. Brass blade foresight set into barrel. No backsight


BarrelLength34.49 inhes
BarrelLength876 mm
OverallLength1273 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.62 in


Places Germany