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Bowyer Tower, AS 77 1989

Physical Description

It has a two piece, fluted skull with an integral peak and a seperate, articulated neckguard. The tall, slightly pointed skull is embossed with eight shallow, radial flutes, and is made in two pieces overlapping to the right, joined in a medial riveted seam with an internal cusp for each of the seven rivets and lapped and formerly riveted at the peak. At the top is a large round, fluted washer and a small suspension loop. The peak is rounded at the side corners and across the front. Its main edge has a plain, inward turn. At the rear of the centre of the peak is a rectangular slot for the missing nasal bar. The staple and locking screw are missing. The base of the skull was encircled by fifteen lining rivets, of which that at either side of the centre front is missing; the next two, at either side of the front are round headed with square washers retaining fragments of leather lining band; the next two at either side are flush lining rivets with flat internal heads; the next one at either side is round headed, also retaining the neckguard; the next at either side is a flush, lining rivet, and the centre rear one round headed, retaining the neckguard. At either side of the skull, above the lining rivets, is a pair of flush rivets retaining fragments of leathers for the missing cheekpieces. The neckguard flares sharply to the neck with rounded corners and a deep medial point. It is made of four lames, overlapping upwards, articulated by a rivet at either side. There are fragments of a medial leather attatched by rivets at the centre of the bottom and top lames and on the skull, and by a pair of tiny rivet holes at the centre of the second lame down. The main edges at the sides have hollow turns, with a plain inward turn across the base, the latter bordered by six round headed rivets with square washers retaining fragments of leather lining band. The two upper articulating rivets at the left are original, of the latter type, and also retain fragments of leather; the top right one is of the same type, but lacks any leather; the one below that is copper and has a facetted head; and those of the lower lame are brass weith small round heads. Down the centre runs a row of suspension holes.


Dimensions: Skull width: 18.9 cm ( 7.4 in), Skull depth: 23.7 cm (9.0 in), Overall depth: 40.3 cm (15.9 in) Weight: 1.35 kg ( 2 lb 15.75 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.


Places Flanders