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Bowyer Tower, Bay 3 (1991)

Physical Description

It has a shallow cut-out at the neck, shallow arm-openings and a medial keel terminating in a triangular facet just above the waist, which has a flange that deepens to a point at its centre. The neck, arm-openings and waist-flange have plain, outward-turns, accompanied on the waist-flange by a number of large, drilled holes of a later date. A decorative brass edging has subsequently been soldered in place overe the turns. The edges are bordered by thirty large brass rivets, of which the two at each shoulder are of flat-headed form. The rivets are fitted with large roughly cut cicular internal washers, retaining the greater part of a leather lining band. At either side of the chest is riveted an mushroom-shaped brass stud, to engage the shoulder-straps of the backplate. A later wiring hole has been pierced at the centre of the neck and at the lower end of each arm-opening.
Bright with extensive areas of rust.


Dimensions: Height: 465 mm (18.3 in), Width: 345 mm (13.6 in) Weight: 2.53 kg ( 5 lb 9 oz)

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Places England