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Private donation, October 1990

Physical Description

A polished single edged blade with a false edge curving to a Bowie-type point. The blade has a deep fuller each side and the ricasso is heavily covered with black paint. the steel muzzle ring has a small orifice and the pressed steel grips are retained by two deeply countersunk steel rivets. The pommel has a polished press stud that protudes some distance from it.There is a T shaped slot in the top of the pommel for attachment to the locking lug of the rifle. The whole grip is heavily covered in black paint. The one piece steel scabbard has a brass mouthpiece retained by a single small screw, and a large round frog retaining stud. The whole is finished in matt black paint. The green webbing frog is of stitched construction, comprising two loops around the body of the scabbard, and a long belt loop with a narrow retaining strap for the hilt of the bayonet.


Dimensions: Total length: 308 mm (12 in), Blade length: 203 mm (8 in) Weight: Total weight: 535 gms

Inscriptions and Marks

Top outer surface of each grip: LIA3 9600257 65


Places Britain


Carter and Walter The Bayonet, Arms & Armour Press, 1974. p 112