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Bowyer Tower, AS 77 1989

Physical Description

It has a hemispherical, fluted skull with an integral peak and fragments of an articulated neckguard. The skull is made in two pieces, the left overlapping the right which has an internal cusp at each of the nine flush rivets. It is decorated with twelve embossed radial flutes. At the apex is a low knop finial with a formerly eight pointed star shaped washers; and with an internal octagonal washer. The peak has pronounced rounded sides and an obtuse point at the front. Its main edge has a plain inward turn; the side edges of the skull are plain. At the centre rear of the peak is a rectangular slot for the missing nasal bar; above it is a pair of rivet holes, the left one elongated, for the missing staple. The front of the skull is encircled by six round headed lining rivets, one retaining a circular brass washer, and a flush lining rivet at the centre. At either side is a pair of rivet holes for the missing cheekpieces, and high above these and toward the front, another pair of holes apparently for subsequent or previous cheekpiece attatchment. At either side of the centre at the rear is a flush lining rivet, with an extra hole beside the right one. Two fragments of the upper lame of the neckguard survive at either side, attatched by one round headed rivet with a circular brass washer at the right, and by two similar at the centre and left. The right fragment has a copper rivet with an external washer, and a flush iron rivet in four holes, two joined, across its lower edge. It is russet with traces of black paint outside. The centre of the peak has a large contemporary riveted repair. The left of the skull is generally cracked and dented, and the left front has a long, corroded out, crack.


Dimensions: Skull width: 18.2 cm ( 7.3 in), Skull depth: 22.6 cm ( 9.0 in), Overall depth: 29.6 cm (11.6 in) Weight: 0.85 kg ( 1 lb 14 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

At the left of the peak is a dent, possibly a crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II.


Places Flanders


A dubious object which could, conceivably, be a good fake.