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Bowyer Tower, AS 77 1989

Physical Description

It has a hemispherical skull with a seperate peak and articulated neckguard. The skull is made in one piece, and decorated with six radial ribs. At the apex is a pierced, shield shaped knop with a six petalled washer. The base of the skull is encircled around the sides and front by fourteen probably modern rivets retaining a broad modern buff leather lining band which continues around the rear. The central three at the front are flush; and also retain the peak; the four at the right, the rear most of which is higher than the others, and three at the left side were probably part of the attatchment for the missing cheekpiece. The peak is rounded at either side and pointed at the front. Its main edge has a plain inward turn. At the centre rear is a rectangular slot for the missing nasal bar, and a narrow flange runs around the rear for attatchment to the skull. At either side of the centre of the flange is part of a flush rivet, and an adjacent rivet hole, for the missing staple. The neckguard is made of three deep lames, overlapping upwards. It flares to the neck with rounded sides and a central obtuse point. The lames are articulated by round headed rivets in cusps at either side and a medial leather. The main edges have plain inward turns bordered by seven decorative rivets around the lower lame. The rivets for the medial leather have large internal round heads, surrounded by a lozenge of eight decorative rivets on the lowest lame. It is rusty with traces of aluminium paint. At the point of the peak and the neckguard are suspension holes.


Dimensions: Skull width: 21.2 cm ( 8.4 in), Skull depth: 21.5 cm (8.5 in), Overall depth: 40.7 cm (16.0 in) Weight: 1.41 kg ( 3 lb 1.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. Incised inside the neckguard and peak CXII. An oval brass tag stamped 128 is attached.



A dubious object which could, conceivably, be a good fake.