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Bowyer Tower, AS 77 1989

Physical Description

It has a flattened, hemispherical skull with a seperate peak, articulated neckguard, and cheekpieces. The skull is made in one piece. It is decorated with six fine, embossed radial ribs. At the apex is a pierced, flattened finial with a circular washer. The side edges of the skull are stepped, and well above each is a pair of rivets retaining the leathers of a cheekpiece. Each cheekpiece has curved sides, and a flattened point at the base. At the centre is a rosette of seven holes. The side edges have partial turns, each side bordered at the top by a flush rivet for the leather, in the middle by a pair of round headed lining rivets with square washers retaining a leather lining band, and one similar rivet at the base retaining both lining bands. The left cheekpiece is detatched. The peak has rounded corners, and an obtuse point at the front. At the centre rear is a rectangular slot for the missing nasal bar. At the rear is a flange by which the peak is attatched to the skull by four round headed rivets, which also retain a leather lining band on square washers. At the centre is a flush lining rivet, and on the flange only is attatched a rectangular staple, threaded and fitted at the front with a winged screw for locking the nasal. The neckguard is attatched by three rivets which, together with the two flush rivets, retain a lining band. The neckguard is broad, and flares to the neck with rounded corners and a sharp medial point. It is composed of four lames, overlapping upwards. Lames articulated by a round headed rivet with squarish washers at either side, which also retain a leather lining band, additionally held by flush rivets on the top and third lames. The side edges have partial turns, and the lower edge has a plain inward turn bordered by seven round headed lining rivets which retain the rest of the lining bands on squarish washers. The lames are additionally articulated by a medial leather, running from round headed rivet at the centre of the lowest lame via flush rivets on the first and third. The outside is patinated. The left of the skull has several dents.


Dimensions: Skull width: 19.5 cm ( 7.9 in), Skull depth: 21.4 cm (8.5 in), Overall depth: 41.5 cm (16.4 in) Weight: 1.51 kg ( 3 lb 5.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. Stamped XVII inside the peak.



All the rivets and leathers are of the same types. Thus it is possible that all are modern, Their style and arrangement are exactly right, and it is equally likely that all are original, including, therefore, the cheekpieces.