Object Title

Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AC3 (1988)

Physical Description

Two rivet type. It has a hemispherical skull tending towards the cocnical, with an integral brim turned down at either side and extended to the front and rear. It is made in two pieces joined in a low comb, expanding to the centre and turned to the right, and riveted at the rear. The main edge has a plain, inward turn, with a sunken border containing fifteen lining rivets with square internal washers. At either side of the base of the skull is a pair of rivets of the same type, retaining fragments of leathers for the missing cheekpieces. Low at the rear of the skull is a plain plume tube, attached by a rivet in a bluntly pointed arm at either side. It is painted black. The left side of the skull is dented. At the middle of the brim at the left is a suspension hole, and at the rear of the brim, under the plume holder, are three more, plus an attempted one nearby, and a large successful one at the brim.


Dimensions: Overall Width: 24.7 cm ( 9.8 in), Overall Depth: 37.5 cm ( 14.7 in), Skull Width: 17.8 cm ( 7.0 in), Skull Depth: 22.8 cm ( 9.0 in) Weight: 1.475 kg ( 3 lb 4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck at the left of the brim with a crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II.


Places England