Object Title

Skull cap

Skull cap



Object Number



Bowyer Tower, AS 85 (1989)

Physical Description

Of one piece, it is of hemispherical form with a flange like brim which is shaped over the ears and descends to a point at the nape. The edge is plain and the base of the skull is bordered by twenty eight lining holes. It is bright on the outside and rough from the hammer. The inside is painted black. There is a hole punched at the nape possibly for suspension.


Dimensions: Height:25.5 cm (10.0in), Width:21.0 cm (8.2 in), Depth:12.1 cm (4.6 in) Weight: 0.895 kg ( 1 lb 15.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. On a blue paper tag is written TOLA 7205-7-53


Places Germany


One of a series including IV.276, IV.277 and IV.1435. Ian Eaves suggested that these wre for Almain rivets.