Object Title

Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS 73 (1988)

Physical Description

It has a high, hemispherical skull with a narrow, integral brim turned down at the sides. It is made in two halves joined at the skull in a low, medial comb, and at the brim with rivets. The comb, which increases slightly in height at its apex, is turned to the left, while the brim has a plain, inward turn accompanied by a recessed border originally containing eighteen round headed lining rivets with square internal washers, of which the foremost and the rearmost are missing, and of which the third and fourth from the front at the left, and the second from the front at the right lack their washers. The base of the skull is encircled by thirteen round headed rivets of various sizes, of which two on each side were originally fitted with square internal washers of which the front left one is now missing, retaining fragments of the connecting leathers for the missing cheekpieces. Attached by two flat headed rivets is a tapering plume holder with constricted, round arms. The front of the brim has a large section broken out of it, while the right of the brim has rusted through in several places adjacent to the turned edge. The front of the brim, the front left of the brim, the centre left of the brim, the rear of the brim, and the front right of the brim are all crudely pierced witrh square, punched holes. A similar hole and a triangular hole are pierced in the right side of the skull, while a circular hole is pierced through the comb just forward of its apex. The left rear of the brim is pierced witrh a large suspension hole. Painted black.


Dimensions: Overall width: 25.6 cm ( 10.1 in), Overall depth: 34.3 cm ( 13.5 in), Skull width: 19.2 cm ( 7.6 in), Skull depth: 22.2 cm ( 8.8 in) Weight: 1.64 kg (3 lb 9.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The right border of the brim is deeply struck with a mark, now broken through, probably the crowned IR cypher of James II.


Places Netherlands