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Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Lee-Speed

Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Lee-Speed



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Not known. The following is from Army & Navy records:. Described as Lee Sporting Rifle in .303 cal. (Made by BSA no.9802 to order no.5657 dated 29th May 1896. ). Sold to Mr C. P. Hudson Esq. on 30th September 1896.

Physical Description

The action, including dust cover of bolt, is border line engraved and the collar is stamped on the right side, LEE-SPEED PATENTS B.S.A. & M.Co.7260. The top of the dust cover is engraved 'ARMY & NAVY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMD LONDON No 19881'. Action is fitted with magazine cut-off on right side. Block at right front of bolt is stamped PATENT 19, 145/90, which refers to the construction of the bolt.
Two-piece stock separated by the collar just below the bolt handle in the normal manner of the military rifle. This is a standard military action finished and stocked in sporting style. Smooth tapered fore-end with horn cap, horn pistol grip cap, plain iron buttplate with almost no tang. Chequered fore-end and pistol grip. Sling eyes on underside of barrel and underside of butt. Oval silver escutcheon on underside of butt.
Full round tapered blued barrel, with commercial Birmingham proof marks stamped on left side of breech. Breech has standard reinforce swell and short nocksform. The foresight is a short bead mounted on a raised block on the barrel, with protective flanges on each side forming a semi-hood. Cape leaf backsight on raised bed, the block and two leaves platinum ined and graduated for 100,200 and 300 yards and the leaf with slide hinged forward graduated to 1000 yards


OverallLength1120 mm
BarrelLength597 mm


Serial Number 19881


.303 in


Places Britain