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Cuirassier's field armour

Cuirassier's field armour



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From Peter Dale Limited, May 1973, with IV.549

Physical Description

Associated close helmet IV.516.


Dimensions: Mounted height: 1410mm; width: 865mm; depth: 510mm. Current mount height: 1850mm. Breastplate: height: 360 mm; width: 420mm; depth: 240mm; Backplate: height: 380mm; width: 425mm; depth: 180mm; Gorget: height: 150mm; width: 320mm; depth: 270mm; Right pauldron and vambrace: height: 680mm; width: 290mm; depth: 310mm; Left pauldron and vambrace: height: 690mm; width: 320mm; depth: 320mm; Right tasset: height: 750mm; width: 370mm; Left tasset: height: 760mm; width: 340mm; Right gauntlet: length: 300mm; width: 145mm; depth: 185mm; Left gauntlet: length: 290mm; width: 140mm; depth: 150mm; Weight: Helmet weight: 2500g; Breastplate weight: 4450g; Backplate weight: 6550g; Gorget weight: 1300g; Right pauldron and vambrace weight: 3500g; Left pauldron and vambrace weight: 3300g; Right tasset weight: 2650g; Left tasset weight: 2650g; Right gauntlet weight: 750g; Left gauntlet weight: 700g.

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