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Centrefire breech-loading target rifle - Scheutzen target rifle

Centrefire breech-loading target rifle - Scheutzen target rifle



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Physical Description

Wood-bar lock with very narrow forward section, plate scroll engraved. Plate gold inlaid around underside of cock with 'LEPAGE A PARIS'. The flat cock has a behevelled head, and is scroll engaraved. It does not appear to have been altered from its percussion state.
The action is operated by half-cocking the lock, and grasping the thumbpiece on the left side of the block and pulling it upwards and to the right, which opens the breech. Pulling backwards on the block operates the extractor. The firing pin is of the same bulbous is unmarked.
Stocked to the muzzle, with engraved iron fore-end cap formed with pronounced 'lip'. Barrel retained by three slides with engraved oval iron escutcheons. Three barrel-shaped heavy iron ramrod pipes, large wooden rod with horn knob tip. Ornate iron finger-grip trigger guard with forward extension designed as palm-rest. Double set triggers. Heavy iron buttplate with no heel prong and large toe prong, scroll engraved. Chequered small only, and shallow cheekrest on left side of butt. Highly polished oil varnished stock.
Full octagonal barrel with no external markings. Original backsight dovetailed has been filled. Conversion appears to have been effected by simply cutting off a section of the barrel at the breech and fitting the tabatiere action into it. The original standing breech and lock are retained. Bead foresight dovetailed into barrel just at muzzle. Backsight is refined version of current military rifle sight, with block dovetailed into barrel, and spring-faced leaf with slide (slide now missing) hinged forward. Breech tang shows three holes now plugged, presumably for a tang sight


BarrelLength28.98 inches
BarrelLength736 mm
OverallLength1215 mm


Serial Number None visible


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