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Bowyer Tower AC 2 (1988)

Physical Description

The skull is made in two pieces, joined in a low comb, turned to the right and terminating above the edge where the pieces are riveted. The main edge has a plain inward turn originally bordered by six flush lining rivets, with square internal washers retaining leather fragments, at either side for the cheekpieces. The neckguard is attached by a rivet at the right and a nail at the left. It flares to the neck, has a medial point, and is embossed to simulate three lames. The main edge has a plain inward turn bordered by seven round headed lining rivets with square washers, retaining fragments of canvas lining band. The peak is narrow, with a medial point and a narrow flange, embossed for the comb and swept up in an extension at either side where it is pivoted to the skull. A triple bar faceguard is attached made of rectangular section bars with a curled finial at the base. It is painted black. The peak is bent, the flange split at the centre, and the neckguard pierced with a suspension hole at the rear. The vacant lining rivet holes on the skull are broken out, and a pair of slash like suspension slits pierced in the front.


Dimensions: Skull Width: 18.1 cm ( 7.2 in), Skull Depth: 24.2 cm ( 9.8 in), Overall Depth: 39.8 cm ( 15.6 in), Face-guard Height: 20.8 cm ( 8.1 in) Weight: 1.5 kg ( 3 lb 4.75 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck with a probable crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II on the peak.


Places England