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Scale from a shoulder strap

Scale from a shoulder strap



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Tower arsenal, accessioned from Lanthorn Tower, Room 3 (1989). From a cuirass captured from the French under Marshal Toiras in 1627.

Physical Description

A single scale of rectangular form, the main edges of which are bordered by a double incised line decoration, was originally attached by four rivets, of which two are missing, with square internal washers, to a single buff leather strap; the upper and lower pairs of rivets and are broken flush with the edges of the scale. Two or more scales are missing from its upper and lower edges, including that for the attachment to the backplate and the terminal plate for the attachment to the breastplate.


Dimensions: Length 46 mm (1.9 in.), maximum width 70 mm (2.9 in.) Weight: 50 g (1 oz)

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