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Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Bailey's Patent

Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Bailey's Patent



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The receiver is inlet into the stock and exposed only on its upper surface, and there is a conventional breech tang, which is engraved No.58. The receiver and action parts including guard lever are crudely scroll and border engraved.
The action is operated by freeing the guard lever of its grip in the trigger guard finial which is by spring tension on the tip, and pulling it downwards; this drops the block, operates the extractor and cocks the action. The small catch to the left rear of the receiver on top of the small is not an external hammer but a safety catch which locks the action closed and the trigger fast when the action is cocked. The right side of the receiver is engraved along its upper edge, BAILEY BONEHILL'S PATENT.
One-piece stock, with tapered curled-tip black horn fore-end cap, the barrel retained by one slide with engraved oval iron escutcheons with screw extensions. Chequered fore-end and small, plain iron buttplate with straight tapered tang. Oval silver escutcheon on underside of butt. Lock and sideplate flats on stock.
Full octagonal blued barrel, with no external markings. Short bead foresight on low plate, dovetailed into barrel. Block backsight with two leaves hinged forward, dovetailed into barrel. Graduated for 50, 100 and 200 yards


BarrelLength28.31 inhes
BarrelLength719 mm
OverallLength1109 mm


Serial Number 58


0.35 in


Places Britain


T.Bailey's Patent No.1789 of July 8, 1871 refers.