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Pinfire ten-shot revolver carbine - Lefaucheux

Pinfire ten-shot revolver carbine - Lefaucheux



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Lefaucheux patent revolver with stock attached. Although in appearance the pistol-carbine appears to be of the type with a detachable shoulder stock, the skeleton butt is firmly attached by three screws through the baseplate into the back of the grip of the revolver. There is no indication that it was intended to be quick-detachable, even though there is a chain from the lanyard ring on the bottom of the butt to an eye on the underside of the buttpiece. Finger-spur on guard bow. Full round browned barrel pivotted on cylinder pin and held by screw into underside of frame, with the right side of the boss containing a plunger-type extractor. Top of barrel stamped INVon E.LEFAUCHCEUX BRte PARIS. Right lower side of frame which is integrated with barrel,stamped LF 1349 and on the left side 259. Bead fore-sight on high base dovetailed into barrel. Backsight dovetailed on rear of barrel consisting of block with spring-faced leaf and slide hinged ahead




Serial Number LF1349(?)


12 mm