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Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1888

Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1888



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Physical Description

Left side of receiver bears proofmarks of post 1891 vintage.There are no other markings on the action, which is a standard Model 1888 pattern.
Half length stock, the entire area of the fore-end through the pistol grip being chequered. Round bottomed pistol grip, plain fore-end with small black horn triangular insert. Cross-lined black horn butt plate. Sling eyes on underside of barrel and underside of butt. Oval plaque has been removed from right side of butt. Barrel retained by screws from underside of fore-end. Full round blued tapered barrel with no external markings. Blade fore-sight mounted on flat sided rounded profile ramp at muzzle. Backsight is block with one leaf hinged forward, graduated for 100, 200, and 300 yards, dovetailed into the barrel


BarrelLength26.18 inhes
BarrelLength665 mm
OverallLength1163 mm


Serial Number None visible


7.92 mm


Places Germany