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Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Lanthorn Tower, Room 3 (1989).

Physical Description

It originally comprised of six scales of rectangular form and an upper scale, each of which was originally attached by two brass-capped, round headed rivets with internal square washers to a buff leather strap. Five of the scales are now missing and the upper scale is now attached to the strap by means of a piece of wire looped through the right rivet hole. The upper scale's left rivet remains, but no longer pierces the hole in the leather. The lower edge of the upper scale is cut into two scallops. One or more scales are missing from its lower edge, including the terminal plate for attachment to the breastplate.


Dimensions: Length 240 mm (9 7/16 in.), maximum width 31 mm (1 ? in.) Weight: 45 g (1 ¢ oz)

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Places England


compare with III.1806 and III.1843