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Left tasset

Left tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 54 (1989).

Physical Description

It is narrow, with a slight medial ridge. It is formed of eight upward overlapping lames, widening slightly to the lower edge and with a slight cutaway at the crotch. The lower edge has a roped inward turn, the side edges roped partial turns, with recessed borders. The lower border expands at the centre into a pair of adorsed volutes. The upper edge is bordered by pairs of incised lines and with V-shaped nicks at either side of the recessed border. The lames are articulated by round-headed sliding rivets with modern internal washers at the outside, and modern internal leathers at the centre and the inside. The single column of rivets of the central leather have flat circular heads, and are hidden under the overlaps of the lames. The single column of rivets of the inner leathers have square internal washers and now pass through construction-holes, formerly occupied by dummy rivets, thereby securing the lames to one another rigidly. Six round-headed lining rivets are found in the border of the lowest lame, and one in the border at either side of the first, third, fourth and seventh, lame, although the outer one of the seventh lame is missing where it has a modern, patched repair. Both lining rivets on the first lame, and the inner rivet of the fourth lame are fitted with crude rivets beneath their heads. The first lame is fitted with three, D-shaped double-ended, iron buckles, decorated with incised lines. The present first lame was probably originally surmounted by a further lame. The lowest lame is fitted with an unused round-headed rivet just to the outside of the central articulating rivet, and with n unused externally flush rivet to the inside of the inner articulating leather. Later small holes are pierced at the centre of the third lame and to the outside of the centre of the second and lowest lames. The outsides of the last two lames have patch repairs. Bright.


Dimensions: Height 222 mm (8.7 in.), width 218 mm (86 in) Weight: 690 g (1 lb 8 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks