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Right tasset

Right tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 54 (1989).

Physical Description

It is narrow, formed of five upward overlapping lames, widening towards the lower end, and cut away at the crotch, where its end has been subsequently trimmed a little. The lower edge has a plain inward turn accompanied by a recessed border, while the sides, except at the lowest lame, have plain, partial turns. The upper edge of each lame, except for the first, is decorated with V-shaped nicks at either side of the outer connecting rivets. The lames are joined to one another by a single column of brass-capped, round-headed sliding rivets with square, internal washers on the outside, and by a single column of concealed, externally flush rivets retaining an internal connecting leather at the centre and the inside. The rivets securing these internal leathers to the lowest lame are not concealed, but of brass-capped, round-headed type with square, internal washers. The lames were at one time rigidly riveted to one another just to the inside of the central leather. These later rivets were subsequently removed, except on the fourth lame, and also on the lowest lame where it never existed. The construction holes associated with the inner column of rivets are occupied by dummy rivets of brass-capped, round-headed type. Five brass-capped, round headed lining rivets with square, internal washers are found in the border of the lowest lame, and one of either end of each lame. Those on the first lame now occupy later holes just above and to the inside of the original holes. The first lame is pierced with three holes for attaching its missing buckles. The central one is now occupied by a brass-capped, round-headed rivet, while the inner and outer ones have been opened out into large, keyhole slots. A further three holes have been pierced low down on the outer end of the fourth lame. On the third lame, the sliding rivet has been moving down to a later hole, when the original one broke out, as also has the lining-rivet at its inner end. The lowest lame is associated and probably a modern restoration. All rivets are replaced. Bright. The tasset appears at one time to have been mounted as a pair to III.3162


Dimensions: Height 217 mm (8.5 in), width 195mm (7.6 in.) Weight: 480 g (1 lb 1 oz)

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The tasset appears at one time to have been mounted as a pair to III.3162.