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Tower arsenal. Accessioned while on loan to Intelligence & Security Group (Volunteers) (Loan L53) Spring 1987.

Physical Description

The skull is made in two pieces joined in a low comb terminating above the edge at the front and rear. The edge is inwardly turned, and bordered by 11 flush lining rivets, of which the six retaining a cheekpiece leather at either side are modern. The neckguard is embossed to simulate three lames. It flares to the neck and has a medial point. It is attached to the skull by a rivet at either side. The main edge is inwardly turned and bordered by 9 flush lining rivets of which the central one is missing. The peak is flat with a medial point, and has a level flange embossed for the comb, and pivoted to the skull at either temple. A triple bar faceguard is attached, made of rectangular section bars with a finial at the base. The cheekpieces are missing. The point of the peak is damaged and the left corner bent. It is covered in black paint.


Dimensions: height over faceguard 335 mm, width 205 mm, depth 410 mm Weight: 1650 g

Inscriptions and Marks

The neck-guard and skull are struck inside with five small wedge-shaped construction marks.


Places England