Object Title

Mail sleeve

Mail sleeve



Object Number

III.3149 B


Purchased from the Thoresby Hall collection, Sotheby's 1 June 1989, Lot 1047 (ill.). probably acquird for the Hall by Sydney Pierrepont, 3rd Earl Manvers (1825-1900)

Physical Description

Each sleeve has a large, symmetrical, rectangular shaped section for the body and pronounced angle at the elbow. The body section is bordered by a single row of brass links at the sides and a double row at the bottom, and the cuffs terminate in a band of brass links composed of alternate rows of four and five links. The front of the body is reinforced by an L-shaped panel of links of thicker iron wire. The bulk of the mail is of circular iron links made of round-sectioned wire, flattened and riveted at the intersection. The brass links alternate: rows of links of rectangular section, possibly punched; and rows of round-section riveted links. The sleeves were preserved on shaped sections of zinc sheet.


Dimensions: Length (shoulder inside to cuff) 590 mm (23.2 in.), Body height 355 mm (14 in.), Upper arm width 200 mm (8 in.), Cuff width 140 mm (5.5 in.), wire diameter (normal links) 0.9 mm, wire diameter (thickened links) 1.1 mm, link diameter (normal links outside) 6.5 mm, link diameter (normal links inside) 4.7 mm, thickened links (outside) 66 mm, thickened links (inside) 44 mm. Weight: A 2.09 kg (4 lb 9 oz); B 2.1 kg (4 lb, 10 oz)

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Places Europe


Although the sleeves form an identical pair, the present right sleeve is mounted inside-out, that is, with the rivet heads inside. Thus they could be seen as two identical left sleeves.