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Right tasset

Right tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 56 (1989).

Physical Description

It is broad, with a slight medial ridge, formed of eleven upward overlapping lames, of which at least one is missing from its upper edge. It widens towards the lower end and is cut away at the crotch. The lower edge is enclosed by a roped rib which opens out at its centre into a pair of adorsed volutes. The upper edge of each lame is decorated with a single incised line. The lames are joined to one another by a single column of brass-capped, round headed rivets at the outside (that connecting the fifth and sixth lames broken out at the former); and were formerly joined to one another by a single column of concealed, externally flush rivets securing an internal leather at the centre and the inside, although only fragments of these leathers now survive. The lowest leathering rivet in each case is of brass capped, round headed dummy rivets. To compensate for the loss of the connecting leathers, the lames have been joined to one another at the inside by direct riveting. The rivets joining the first to the second and the second to the third lames occupy the original holes for the leathering rivets and their corresponding dummy rivets, while those joining the remaining lames occupy holes later pierced specifically to receive them just to the outside of the original rivets. The fifth and sixth lames are also directly riveted to one another at their outer ends by a rivet later introduced in the recessed border there. The same was true at the inner end of the third and fourth lames, although this later rivet was subsequently been lost. Six externally flush lining rivets were originally found in the lower border of the lowest lame, and one in the border at the other end of the first, fourth, seventh, tenth and lowest lames, although the four central ones of the lowest lame, and that at the inner end of the tenth lame is missing. The first lame is pierced with three rivet-holes for attachment of the missing buckles. Above each of the outer of these rivet-holes is a crudely pierced hole, probably used to wire the tasset to the skirt at a later date. Painted black.


Dimensions: Height 243 mm (9 9/16 in), width 272 mm (10 11/16 in.) Weight: 350 g (1lb 10 ?oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted on the inside of lame eight, in white, G.2.


Places Italy