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Right tasset

Right tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 56 (1989).

Physical Description

It is wide and short, formed of a single plate embossed to simulate ten lames which widens towards the lower end and is cut away slightly at the crotch. The lower edge is bordered by a roped inward turn and the side edges are bordered by plain partial turns, in each case accompanied by a recessed border enclosed by a roped ridge. Each simulated lame is decorated with a roped ridge along its top edge and by round-capped rivets placed at its inside and outside edges. Five round-headed, brass-capped lining rivets border the lower edge, four round-headed, brass-capped lining rivets border the outside edge, and three round-headed brass-capped rivets border the inside edge. All of these lining rivets have circular internal washers, excepting the fourth lining rivet at the outside edge, the third lining rivet at the inside edge, and the central rivet at the lower edge. Two decorative round-headed, brass-capped lining rivets are placed side-by-side above the central lining rivet at the lower edge. Attached to the lower edge of the uppermost simulated lame are three double-ended, D-shaped buckles with rectangular hasps terminating in a semi-circular edge. The two buckles at the outside edge and at the centre are formed of thicker more rectangular pieces than the buckle at the inside edge, whose ends are formed of very thin, semi-circular pieces. An externally flush rivet of indeterminate function pierces the upper edge of the uppermost lame. Traces of gold along the border of the outside edges indicate that the decorative borders and ribs were once gilded. Painted black.


Dimensions: Height 179 mm (7 in), width 287 mm (11 5/16 in.) Weight: 400 g (14 oz)

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Places Italy


This tasset forms a pair with III.3176