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Fragmentary fauld

Fragmentary fauld



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 56 (1989).

Physical Description

It is formed of two upward overlapping lames, of which the largest has an arched cut out over the crotch. The cut out has roped, inward turned edge, accompanied by a recessed border embossed by a roped rib. The sides of each lame have roped partially turned edges accompanied by a recessed border enclosed by a low rib. The upper edge of each lame is decorated with a pair of incised and a V-shaped nick at the centre and to either side of the holes for the former connecting rivets. The lowest lame is broken through just to the right of the crotch. The two pieces are rigidly secured to the first lame by an externally flush rivet at either of their respective ends. The holes employed for these rivets do not appear to be original ones in any instance. The lowest lame is pierced, near its upper edge, with three pairs of rivet-holes at either side, for securing the missing straps which originally secured the tassets. Over the are found three holes for lining rivets, of which only the right one is now occupied by a rivet. Two rivets at either side of the lowest lame (including that to the right of the crotch) rigidly attach the tassets III.3178 and III.3179 (right and left, respectively) which are in each case mounted upside down. The two lames of the fauld appear to be associated with one another, and have several unused holes resulting from the vicissitudes which they have undergone. Painted black.


Dimensions: Height 84 mm (3.3 in), width 431 mm (17 in.)

Inscriptions and Marks