Object Title

Pikeman's right tasset

Pikeman's right tasset


about 1635

Object Number



Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 58 (1989).

Physical Description

The tasset has been made in one piece with seven embossed simulated lames each of which is decorated with a single incised line. The sides and the lower edge have plain inward turns accompanied by a recessed border on which are seventeen rivet holes. A number of the rivets have been fitted with internal washers for the attachment of a lining. The tasset is decorated with three columns of round-headed iron rivets, each terminating in an upward-pointing triangle of three rivets at the base. The associated hasp on the right has a long lower section terminating in upward pointing arms of animal head form and a lozenge above a round knop at the base. The associated hasp on the left is similar but of more basic design. The upper sections are L-shaped each with a rectangular slot designed to engage a pierced stud on the breastplate. Each arm is deeply cusped and has been fitted with a small swivel hook. The hasps are further decorated by bands of horizontal incised lines. Pairs of rivet holes are visible on the interior of each tasset for the attachment leathers for the original suspension method of the tassets. The surface is bright with pitting. The interior is painted black.



TassetHeight222 mm
TassetWeight770 g
TassetWidth338 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

A possible I is present in the top left corner of the tasset.
Top left corner


Places Netherlands


This tasset was probably produced in the Netherlands and exported to England where it was fitted with English hasps in place of the original leathers. The mark at top right may be an arsenal mark. Alternatively as captains in the Dutch army of the period owned all the equipment issued to their men the mark may be the captian's initials along with the number of the soldier.