Object Title

Pikeman's right tasset

Pikeman's right tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 58 (1989).

Physical Description

It is broad, with seven embossed simulated lames each of which is decorated with a single incised line. The sides and the lower have a plain inward turn accompanied by a recessed border on which are seventeen rivet holes for the attachment of the lining band. There are three lining rivets with square internal washers across each of the first and fifth lames. There are three decorative rivets across each of the simulated lames which terminate in a decorative triangle on the last lame. Hinged hasps were originally attached by a pair of rivets at either side of the second lame above which are two later holes on the inside and four on the outside. A later English hinged hasp is attached by two rivets at either side. Each has a long lower section cut with a heart-shaped middle part in which are three decorative rivets; an oral lobe with a finial knop at the base above which is a lozenge and a pair of adorsed dragon heads with eyes, ears, and snout on the outer hap while the inner one is stylised. The upper section is an inverted 'L' shape with a rectangular slot at the centre cut with a low scallop at the top with a knop at the inside (that on the inner hasp is missing) is deeply cusped at either side and with a terminal knop. It is painted black on the inside and is bright on the outside.


Dimensions: Height 222 mm (8.8 in), width 338 mm (13.4 in) Weight: 770 g (1 lb 11 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the first lame near the main edge is a makers mark I.


Places Netherlands