Object Title

Pikeman's left tasset

Pikeman's left tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 58 (1989).

Physical Description

Made in one pierce and embossed to simulate six lames, the lowest one very deep. The lower and side edges have plain, onward turns with recessed borders containing twenty-nine round headed brass rivets, decorative if original. The upper edges of the embossed lames are bordered by single, incised lines. The tasset is decorated with three columns of similar rivets, each terminating in a large ring of twelve rivets with one in the centre, at the base. Two hinged, not a pair, are fitted at either side of the centre at the upper edge. The lower element of each is thinned towards the base, where there is a triple-lobed terminal with a finial knop. Each is attached to the tasset by a vertical pair of high domed headed copper rivets, and decorated with five brass rivets. The upper sections differ; both are L-shaped, with a rectangular slot and an onion shaped branch towards the outside on which a swivel hook is mounted. One the inner hasp, the hook has a medial knop, and the upper edge of the main stem is cut in a low scallop, the outer hasp has a straight, recessed, levelled upper edge. It is bright and slightly rusty. Towards the base of the outer edge is riveted a repair of strengthening bracket.


Dimensions: Height 309 mm (12.2 in), width 34.5 mm (13.8 in) Weight: 970 g (2 lb 2 ? oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped 4 at the lower left corner.


Places England