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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Lanthorn Tower room 3, part of a composite corselet, III. 2275-80 and IV 998.

Physical Description

Of shallow peascod form. It has a gusset at either arm, a waist lame and two fauld lames. The main plate has a medial keel, and an embossed volute descending from either shoulder. The neck is raised, with a bold inward turn with embossed symmetrical roping bordered by a single incised line. Each gusset is attached by a sliding rivet at the top and a rivet at the bottom, each in a scallop. The upper rivet of each gusset also holds a modern brass buckle. Each has a bold inward turn with continuous embossed roping. The waist lame dips down to the centre, with a narrow flange at the lower edge. It overlaps the breastplate, to which it is articulated by a rivet in a scallop at either side, and formerly by a central leather for which there are two rivet holes on either plate. The two fauld lames are of even width. Their side edges have partial turns with file roping and sunken borders and the centre of the lower lame has a raised arch, the edge with an inward turn and a sunken border containing three brass rivets. They are articulated by a rivet at either side. The lower one has three pairs of rivet holes at either side for straps, the outer strap sharing the articulating rivets. Its lower edge has a pair of tiny rivet holes at either side. Seen with a medium spot of concentric corrosion, December 2003.


Dimensions: Height 480 mm (18.9 in.), width 310 mm (12.2 in.)

Inscriptions and Marks

The breastplate and waist lame are each marked with two nicks in the edges.


Part of a composite corslet, III.2275-80 and IV.998. Separated in November 1990.