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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower AS 9 (1986).

Physical Description

It is of deep bellied form, with a medial keel which continues, vaguely, over the associated waist lame. The is broad and raised, the arm opening deep, and fitted with associated gussets which are attached by rivets in scallops at the top and bottom, on the right through the slot, on the left above the slot. The same rivets are used to attach later brass-hasped iron buckles, at the shoulders. The neck and gusset edges have pronounced inward turns, with embossed roping which is symmetrical to a cusp at the centre flanked by volutes. The subsidiary edges are bordered by single incised lines. The associated waist lame overlaps the breastplate, is rather narrow, and is articulated by a rivet in a scallop at either side; both the waist lame and the breastplate are pierced with rivet holes for external leathers at the centre. The breastplate is pierced with an extra rivet hole at either side. The waist lame has a narrow flange, to which it's original upper fauld lame is attached by a rivet at either side. This lame is pierced at either side with three rivet holes for the attachment of lower lames. The exterior is bright, the inside painted black. The lower centre of the breastplate and the centre of the waist lame are damaged. The waist lame and fauld, and each gusset, are associated. The black paint was removed in January 1991.


Dimensions: Height 422 mm (16.6 in.), width 340 mm (13.4 in.)

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Places Italy