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Centrefire underlever breech-loading rifle - Henry's Patent

Centrefire underlever breech-loading rifle - Henry's Patent



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The back action lock is fully scroll engraved and there is a running stag in the centre. The plate is well stepped in towards the centre line to conform to the lines of the grip. Engraved along the upper edge in old English letters, J.McCRIRICK & SONS. Rounded cock fully scroll engraved on body and head. Detented tumbler. No safety bolt.
The action and breech tang are fully engraved, the right side with a feeding stag and scrolled borders, the left side with a stag on the alert with scrolled borders, and the receiver ring with scrolls and HENRY'S PATENT A No.97 on top, the top not being flattedned as is usual.
Two piece stock, the fore-end retained by one slide with engraved oval iron escutcheons with screw extensions. The tip of the fore-end formed as tapered knob by the cutting of a deep groove round the end. Chequered fore-end and small. Absence of a pistol grip is unusual on this type of Henry rifle. Flat iron buttplate with short pointed tang. Full round blued barrel with nocksform at breech. Stamped on the left side with commercial Birmingham proofmarks for 52 bore. Engraved on top in rear of backsight in old English lettering JAMES MC CRIRICK & SONS AYR & KILMARNOCK. Engraved in block letters on right side 450 EXPRESS. Long bead fore-sight dovetailed into raised block parallel with bore. Block backsight with platinum centre lines on two leaves hinged forward, dovetailed into raised base of smaller dimensions than usual. Graduated for 120, 200. 300 yards


BarrelLength28.62 inhes
BarrelLength727 mm
OverallLength1170 mm


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0.45 in

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