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Tower arsenal. Returned from loan to Azinger Barracks.

Physical Description

It has a medial ridge, starting below the neck and fading just above the waist, which is level with a flange expanding to the centre with a rounded lower edge. The neck edge has an outward flange, formerly bordered by seven domed headed brass lining rivets with circular washers, of which those at either shoulder are missing. The arm, side and flange edges have plain inward turns, bordered by six decorative rivets; those at the shoulder s have flattened cheese-heads; four rivets, of which each upper one is missing; and seven rivets, all of the domed-headed type. At either side of the chest is a mushroom-headed stud for the shoulder straps. It is lacquered and somewhat corroded outside.


Dimensions: Height 481 mm (19.0 in.), width 372 mm (15.0 in.) Weight: 3.52 kg (7 lb 12 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. In chalk inside, 'no.4'.


Places France