Object Title

Pikeman's tasset

Pikeman's tasset



Object Number

III.3203 A


Bowyer Tower, AS 58 (1989)

Physical Description

Each is made in one piece, and embossed to simulate four lames, the lowest very deep. The side and lower edges have plain, inward turns over wire, with recessed borders containing originally twenty-six round-headed iron rivets, the right tasset having a very wide inner border, containing an additional column of eight rivets. In the right tasset's outer border, two rivets have square washers, while the centre and outer rivets of the lower edge are similar, but the inner one, like the surviving three of the five above it, at the inside edge, is a flush lining rivet. Three small square washers survive on the left tasset, two at the inside and one at the lower edge, and one rivet, above the lower outside corner, is missing. The upper edges of the embossed lames have medial cusps and are bordered by double incised lines. Each tasset is decorated with three columns of decorative rivets, each terminating in a heart formed of twenty one rivets (except the centre left heart, which has twenty one), one of which is missing on the outer let heart there is a deep proof mark. Each tasset has a pair of hinged hasps for attachment to the breastplate. Each hasp has a lower section which narrows towards the base, where there is a triple-lobed terminal with a finial knop, and has a lozenge of four rivets at the top, and a triangle of three at the bottom. The upper and lower rivets are used to attach the hasp to the tasset (except on the outer right where all three central ones are so used), and most of these have washers. Each upper section is L-shaped, with a rectangular slot for the pierced stud, a single scalloped upper edge, and an onion shaped branch on which a plain, small swivel hook is mounted (except the outer left one, which lacks its hook). The branches are directed together towards the centre of the tasset. Th exterior is corroded. The left tasset has a crack at its lower edge, while the right one has a mangled upper outside corner, and lacks fragments of edge there and at the centre of the lower edge.


Dimensions: Height: 299 mm (11.8 in ), width: 363 mm (14.3 in) Weight: 710 g (1 lb 8 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks




A pair to III.3203 B