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16 pr field gun and carriage - 16 pr RML

16 pr field gun and carriage - 16 pr RML



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Returned from loan to Tilbury Fort

Physical Description

The gun is constructed with a steel 'A' tube rifled with three grooves strengthened with a wrought iron jacket of 'B' tube. This bears the monogram of Queen Victoria and the Broad Arrow. There is a flat area on top of the gun for use as a clinometer plane below which the gun is stamped with the weight 12-0-8. Shot radial lines indicate the termination of the rifling and the bore.
The gun has threaded holes above the trunnions to accept foresights, now missing. Additionally the breech is slotted on either side for rear sights, also missing, The left trunnion is marked R.G.F. 171 1873. The muzzle face is marked FIRTH'S STEEL. 2878.


Dimensions: Length: 6ft 1in. Overall length: 6ft 5in Length of Carriage: 9ft 2in (279.4 cm), Diameter Wheels: 4ft 10 in (147.3 cm) Weight: 12cwt 8lb


Serial Number 171


3.6 in

Inscriptions and Marks

On carriage: W Broad Arrow D R.C.D 1875 No.12 I


Places Britain


The 16 pdr gun was approved for service on 2 January 1872 ( see lists of changes, Para 2221). By 1890 it was issued to volunteer units until 1902 when it was replaced by the 15 pdr B.L.
Carriage- and accurate reproduction made in 1988 based on an original carriage (XIX.277). It is complete with axletree boxes and elevating gear as well as sidearms. The wheels are of a later pattern as the 18pdr Q.F. carriage.
Returned in 1986 from loan to Tilbury Fort.
Catalogued Sept 1989, Ian Maine