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Right tasset and poleyn

Right tasset and poleyn



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower, AS 61 (1989).

Physical Description

The tasset is formed of eleven overlapping lames, narrowing downwards from the waist to the knee where it terminates in a poleyn of four outward -overlapping plates. The first lame is slightly deeper than those below, and has a slightly transverse angle. Towards its outer end it is pierced with a large keyhole slot intended to locate onto a mushroom-headed stud on the waist-flange of the breastplate, and towards its inner end two rivets with external washers attach a modern strap that would have connected it to the corresponding lame of the left tasset. The lowest lame of the tasset is dep. The main plate of the poleyn is shaped to the knee, and has a broad side-wing with and obtuse medial point and a slight pucker. The lowest plate is deep, with a curved lower edge. The main edges have plain, inward turns with recessed borders. The subsidiary edges are plain, inward turns with recessed borders. The subsidiary edges are plain and straight, bordered by single incised lines. The tasset lames are articulated by round-headed sliding rivets, with square internal washers with cropped corners, at the outside. by internal leathers with cropped corners, at the outside, by internal leathers at the centre and, formerly, at the outside, by internal leathers at the centre and, formerly, at the inside and at either edge. The medial leather is attached by pairs of flush rivets, and terminates on a pair of round-headed rivets at the base. Numerous additions and repairs have been made to the leather. The inner leather was attached by a single column of rivets, terminating on a single round-headed rivet at the base, which survives, with a matching column of decorative rivets. These have been removed, and the lames riveted solidly together. At either edge of each lame is a flush rivet to which the narrow leather at either side was fastened, with matching decorative rivets at the upper corners. A round-headed rivet retains the base of these at either side of the lowest lame. A round-headed rivet, retaining the base of a leather strap, survives at either side of lame seven. The poleyn lames are articulated by flush rivets at the inside and round headed ones at the outside. At the centre of the wing, a modern strap is attached and then an old (perhaps original) trapezoidal buckle is attached at the inner edge of the mainplate. It is painted black. Lame one of the tasset has a crack and a small pierced hole at its upper inside corner, while lame six has a hole pierced at either side.


Dimensions: Height 662mm (26.0 in.), width 290 mm (11.5 in) Weight: 1.98 kg (4 lb 6 oz)

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