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Right tasset

Right tasset



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Tower arsenal. Accessioned from Bowyer Tower, AS 60 (1989).

Physical Description

It is broad, shaped to the thigh and formed of six upward-overlapping lames. The rounded lower edge has a symmetrically file-roped inward turn and the upper inner corner of the first and second lames are cropped and the edges have a file-roped inward turn. The lames are articulated by loose rivets, with round internal washers, in slots on the outer side and by internal rivets at the centre and inner sides retained by pairs of externally flush rivets except for the last lame where a pair of round-headed rivets retain the strap end. The construction holes on the inner side are occupied by dummy rivets. The tasset was attached to the breastplate by a buckle at the centre and at either side of the upper edge of the first lame. A complete buckle remains at the centre and is large, flat rounded hasp, the main edge of which is bordered by a punched decoration. The outer buckle is missing while the inner buckle is broken and faces downwards probably maintained by black paint. The tasset was secured around the back of the thigh by means of cord passing through leather loops substantial fragments of which remain retained by a rivet at either side of the last lame. It is painted black overall.


Dimensions: Height 372 mm (14.6 in.), width 267 mm (10.5 in.) Weight: 990 g (1 lb 15 ? oz)z)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.



This tasset forms a pair with III.3237 q.v.. Most of the original internal leather remains.