Object Title

Knife bayonet - M1

Knife bayonet - M1



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Physical Description

All steel,one piece hilt and blade with black,plastic grips. The grips are attached by a single screw bolt. Each grip is 'chequered'by a series of narrow horizontal grooves. The pommel has a shallow 'T' section groove and an internal spring which operates on a catch in the base of the groove. The blade is single edged with a fuller on each face. The release catch of the bayonet is positioned at the base of the hilt above the forward quillon. A scabbard of olive drab plastic survives by, Victory Plastics Company. With PR.11077.


OverallLength14.5 in
BladeLength9.8 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Pommel,H. Outer Ricasso, U.C.,U.S.(the two letters of this abbreviation are separated by a flaming grenade. Scabbard with U.S. contained by flaming grenade on locket. Inner face of scabbard VP,14 _ _ _ _



A.Carter&J.Walter 'The Bayonet'p.121