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about 1917

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Physical Description

All steel one piece blade and hilt with wooden grips. The grips are attached to the hilt by two bolts and each grip is marked with two horizontal grooves. The pommel has a 'T' section groove for attachment to the bayonet bar and an internally sprung press stud. A transverse lubricating hole is drilled through the pommel crossing the inner end of the 'T' groove. All steel crossguard with vestigial forward quillon and muzzle ring on rear quillon. The muzzle ring is 15.5 mm in diameter. The blade has a single edge, rounded spine and a single fuller on each face. A scabbard of the second type survives but lacks the wire hook suspension attachment.


Dimensions: Overall length: 549.1 mm (21.62 in), length (blade): 425.5 mm (16.75 in.)

Inscriptions and Marks

Outer face of pommel, stamped: K,103,SY (the Y is over-stamped)inner Ricasso, stamped: 1917, W(in circle)outer Ricasso: X, U.S, flaming grenadetop locket of scabbard, stamped: MSchape of scabbard, stamped: GP in an oval cartouche


Places America


A.Carter & J.Walter, 'The Bayonet'p.115