Object Title

Arm defence (dastana)

Arm defence (dastana)



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Purchased 1 April 1990. From the S. Grancsay collection.

Physical Description

It is composed of two plates, the outer extending to a flaring point over the elbow, joined by long hinges at the top and bottom to the inner plate which covers the forearm. Each plate has a full length medial ridge, and an embossed transverse rib bordered by smaller ribs. The edges are all bordered by applied bands fretted in the shape of a series of lotus buds, and attached by small rivets at intervals. The exterior is covered with silver, now worn off in patches, and appears to have been gilt.


Dimensions: outer plate length 36.0cm (14.2in), inner plate length 16.0cm (6.3in), width 10.5cm (4.2in)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. A paper label inscribed `1829' is attached inside.


Bibliographic References

Paris, Gallerie ART, Splendeur des armes orientales, Paris, 1988, no. 115.


Part of a large group of dastana; see Paris 1988, no. 136 (also ex-Grancsay); G.N. Pant, 'Indian arms and armour', Vol. III, Delhi, 1983, pl. LXXXV (Museum of Indian Art, Hyderabad), and pl. LXXXVIII-XC (National Museum, New Delhi).